Mantra Percussion Inc.

Mantra Percussion, Inc. is a NYC-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit percussion collective committed to honoring the past and expanding the future of percussion music.

As an organization we strive to engage international audiences by challenging what it means to communicate music through percussion instruments, and to foster high-level musicianship for underserved and underrepresented youth in new music, developing unique and equitable music communities.

Our aim is to bring to life new works for percussion by living composers and creators from across the social spectrum — establishing long-lasting relationships with our collaborators. From our inception we have almost exclusively performed works written for the group. We travel around our block and the world as ambassadors of our repertoire, giving dozens of performances of the works we commission.

Who are we?


  • Jessica Bergen

    • Mantra Youth Percussion Recruitment Coordinator
  • Aaliyah Geiger

    • Intern
  • Serena Huang

    • Intern
  • Mark Utley

    • Web Development and Design
  • Deivy Mejia

    • Intern
  • James Bogert

    • Mantra Youth Percussion Instructional Staff
  • Joseph Bergen

    • Co-Artistic Director
    • Mantra Youth Percussion Instructional Staff
  • Joseph Brown

    • Mantra Youth Percussion Director
  • Jazmine Andes

    • Social Media & Marketing
  • Taylor Furman

    • Mantra Youth Percussion Instructional Staff
  • Miguel Bolivar

    • Executive Director
  • Michael McCurdy

    • Co-Artistic Director

Mantra Percussion

  • Mika Godbole

    • Joseph Bergen

      • Christopher Graham

        • Michael McCurdy

          • Mark Utley


            • Alexis Carter

              • Arlene Acevedo

                • Tiahna Sterling

                  • Aline Vasquez

                    Mantra Percussion Emeritus

                    • Jude Traxler

                      • Owen Weaver

                        • Al Cerulo

                          • Nick Woodbury

                            • Matt Kantorski